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 Snowplow to remove snow from roads, yards and squares.
Anti-shock trip device acting on the blade with 2 spring loaded section.
Hydraulic swing control, ± 30° Rh or Lh.
Floating tilt ± 10° with spring loaded repositioning to central position for best ground copying even on different gradient between machine and plow.
Blade made by anti wear steel bolted on its seat.
Wear blade by Vulkollan on request suitable to prevent ground damage.
Lights on request.
Mechanical floating system (on request)  


 Snow blade and high snow blade with horizontal self-levelling, antishock system with clip return, fixing rods for burying works, hydraulic angulation left-right with double effects cylinders, rubber hoses and 1⁄2” quick couplers for the hydraulic circuit supply, marker flags and lamps kit complete with light’ supports, and universal linkage plate.Adjustable feet included in LSA models, on request on LS 1800 and LS 2100 models.